No this is not click bait, and no there isn’t a catch.  This is real, the Department of Home Affairs (‘the DHA’) is living in the future with a growing reliance on artificial intelligence and data driven solutions that have consequently alleviated (at least some) pressure on human capacity and led to a number of unexpected (but welcome) automated accreditation approvals.

This is a positive step with potential for an interesting domino effect.  The automated accreditation approval will mean that non-contentious applications associated with the accreditation will also be auto-approved.

In the spirit of things being quick and easy, rather than our usual narrative we have compiled a list of 4 steps, also known as the 4 P’s that may* get you an automated approval from the DHA.


In order to achieve any goal you must plan for it, this will include planning on engaging with a number of stakeholders from early on to ensure that you understand what you need and when you will require it and to be fully prepared for the application;


The Sponsorship Accreditation application will require the business to give both information and supporting documents.  As such it is important that, prior to submitting the application, you prepare with your team and relevant stakeholders such as accountants to provide documents that are recent, verified and exhaustive in information;


Provide all the relevant and required documents as stipulated by the DHA so that there are no questions left to ask and the DHA is provided with everything they need for a clear picture of the business and then some!


Position yourself as a risk-free applicant by ensuring and maintaining audit standards and compliance to the highest degree.

*Disclaimer: despite being inspired to be tech savvy and efficient, this has not diluted the standards of the DHA or the process of rigorous scrutiny where mandated and necessary.  Therefore, automated approval at this stage are not a guarantee.  It may be wise to contact a migration agent to check whether you would meet the standard for an automated sponsorship accredited approval.

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