We help you manage your staff. Our years of working closely with businesses to assist with their immigration needs has led us to some insightful observations and an evolution of our approach to providing a complete service.

A business’ immigration goals are often intertwined with managing the overall employee relations.  As such, we have teamed up with Source to provide you a comprehensive employee relations package covering HR, employment, immigration advice and compliance.

Source is an award-winning professional services firm that provides on-tap legal, HR and CFO support to small and medium businesses.

Our partnered Employee Relations service combines employment law, HR and immigration support to help businesses manage the full spectrum of workplace matters.

You will be guided by a handpicked employee relations team which will include a senior HR consultant, employment and our specialist immigration lawyers.  Your employee relations team will get to know your business intimately and build a deep, supportive relationship with your management team, to provide strategic in-house style support that is tailored to your business needs.

The areas that we can support you with under our partnered employee relations service include the following:

  • Australian employment and immigration law issues;
  • Design of recruitment and sponsorship processes including a half day training sessions;
  • Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements to ensure compliance with employment and/or immigration specific requirements;
  • General HR queries on things such as pay, award entitlements and rostering arrangements;
  • Award interpretation and application;
  • Minimum pay requirements;
  • Performance management, disciplinary processes, redundancies and terminations;
  • Policies and procedures to ensure they meet industry best practice;
  • Fair Work claims up to the conciliation;
  • Employee complaints such as bullying or discrimination;
  • Work health and safety employee well-being;
  • Career development;
  • People, culture and leadership strategies;
  • Statutory obligation notifications (eg. cessation of employment notifications of sponsored visa holders and all corporate change in circumstance notifications to DHA);
  • Visa holder’s change in circumstances notifications (statutory and soft notifications of breakdown of relationship, LWOP arrangements, stood down etc).