We are legally qualified professionals who understand that immigration involves people’s lives. We take your matter seriously and provide a much more personalised service, with our diligence strongly supported by our efficient processes and cutting-edge practice management technology.

Business Visas

Reunite Families

Compliance & Audit


With the Department of Home Affairs consistently introducing more stringent requirements, including a reinvented focus towards the ideals of security and genuineness, it is important now more than ever to be proactive, organised and familiar with industry practices alongside labour market trends and patterns.

Utilising a tailored and streamlined approach, we offer the following services to assist businesses with employing the right talent:

  • Inbound management and delivery of corporate visa programs (including temporary residence and permanent residence pursuant to ENS & RSMS) under subclasses 482 / 400 / ETA and subclasses 186 / 187
  • Sponsorship applications including temporary business, occupational trainee, exchange, entertainment and sport
  • Business Migration applications for permanent residence under subclasses 890 / 892 / 132 / 888
  • Business Migration applications for temporary residence under subclasses 188
  • Assistance with skills assessments with VETASSESS, Engineers Australia, Australian Computer Society, ICAA, CPAA, Australian Dental Council, Australian Pharmacy Council, Australian Medical Council
  • General Skilled Migration applications for permanent residence under subclasses 189 / 190
  • General Skilled Migration applications for temporary residence under subclasses 485 / 489

We understand that bonds traverse oceans. With the limited opportunities for family reunion, we take a proactive step in understanding each individual and their narratives to enable us to be creative with reconnecting and reuniting loved ones.

We assist in the following family migration visas:

  • Temporary Partner Visa subclass 820 / Permanent Visa subclass 801
  • Partner (Provisional) Visa subclass 309 / Permanent Visa subclass 100
  • Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300
  • Aged Dependent Relative Visa subclass 114
  • Remaining Relative Visa subclass 115
  • Aged Dependent Relative Visa subclass 838
  • Remaining Relative Visa subclass 835
  • Child (Permanent) subclass 802
  • Orphan Relative (Permanent) subclass 837
  • Child (Permanent) subclass 101
  • Orphan Relative (Permanent) subclass 117
  • Adoption Visa (Permanent) subclass 102
  • Dependent Child Visa subclass 445
  • Parent Visa subclass 103
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa subclass 173
  • Contributory Parent visa subclass 143
  • Aged parent visa subclass 804
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa subclass 884
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa subclass 864

Since April 2017, there has been unprecedented change to Australian immigration laws and regulations. As a consequence of this change, we have witnessed an evolving pattern of behaviour by Government to take a hard-line approach to immigration compliance whilst creating processes that have effectively reduced the number of temporary and permanent residence visa grants (and now this has moved to Australian citizenship).

Effectively, this clamp-down has been felt by the Immigration advice industry, Australian companies and skilled foreign workers alike.

In line with this increased scrutiny, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of companies being audited by the Immigration Department, some of which have led to sanctions including fines.

It is increasingly important to ensure that your company is fully compliant with Australian Immigration laws and regulations and have the policies and procedures in place to identify and minimise your risk. As businesses become increasingly complex as a result of growth, structural change, digitalisation and technology, it becomes more difficult to monitor and eliminate this risk.

Immigration due diligence is a process whereby we test your existing immigration policies and procedures to ensure that you are compliant with Australian Immigration laws and regulations. This involves an audit-based approach encompassing:

  • a review of your company’s compliance against your sponsorship obligations and statutory notifications in respect to the company; and
  • a random selection of your foreign employee population and reviewing each against:
    • Employment contracts for immigration specific terms and advice regarding inclusion/removal of terms;
    • Compliance with immigration specific employment terms;
    • Appropriateness of nominated occupation against current role;
    • Appropriateness of nominated occupation when assessed against PR options;
    • Compliance with nomination including consistency of location, tasks and responsibilities; and
    • Timeliness of statutory notifications and/or review of circumstances that might have required a notification.

Since Australian citizenship was introduced in 1949 more than 5 million people have become citizens.

In the face of home and border security threats there has been an increase in the number of hurdles placed before individuals in seeking to take up citizenship (making it all the more challenging to manoeuvre through the process).

At Gilton Valeo we are familiar with such hurdles and also take a pre-emptive approach with citizenship applications in order to ensure the most favourable outcome.