No she’s not leaving us – she’s having a baby!

She loves hot chocolate on Friday mornings, milk chocolate – never dark and personally delivering the good news when a client receives a visa approval as she is as much invested in their future as they are.  Every high is their high and with every low she is more than willing to carry the burden with foresight and determination.

A fanatic for adventure and an innately nurturing individual, our dear Kerin is taking on a new adventure –– motherhood.  Which means that we must say goodbye, albeit only for a year but one that may just feel like a decade in it of itself.

Kerin has been a part of the Gilton Valeo family for almost 7 years.  She has been here when we had an office on Clarence Street, then York Street and finally here on Pitt Street.  Close to 7 years on Kerin has become the knowledge bank of migration law and always has the answer for all things immigration related.  She has also remained consistently passionate about her work – this comes down to the fact that Kerin is a genuine individual who is invested in both the profession and the team she works with along with her clients whose success stories she takes innate joy from.

One of our consultants, Christine, recalls a case where Kerin and herself had a client who urgently needed to commence work in New Zealand.   He was bringing his wife, two children and dog.   The client was worried about the dog not being arranged to come in time depending on the grant of the visa.  Naturally, Kerin took on this concern and the extra task of following up with New Zealand Immigration every day.  In doing so, Kerin was able to get the visa approved in less than one month, despite typical processing being 3 -4 months.

When Kerin received the grant, she was so happy for the client that she cried (although Christine thinks this has more to do with baby hormones).  Nonetheless, this is indicative of how much Kerin cares for her clients and how much she was willing to give it her all to ensure that the visa process was as seamless and worry free as possible for client.

We truly will miss having Kerin around in the office, not simply because of her exceptional work but because of who she is as a person.  She wears bright clothes – yellow, tiffany green, blue, red, orange, pink – that colour the office and reflect her energy which our can best be described as charismatic, positive and abundant.

For her partner in crime, Fiona, Kerin has become something of a work wife throughout the years, sharing in special moments both related and unrelated to migration as well as being someone she can rely on during big deadlines and in high stress situations.

Kerin is also someone that you don’t hesitate to lean on for support, guidance and help.  Her ability to be patient whilst also challenging you to be the best makes her a quality leader.   It is for these reasons that we have no doubt she will make a wonderful mother.

To our lovely Kerin, no amount of ‘thank you’ will suffice in acknowledging the work you have contributed to Gilton Valeo.  It isn’t something we can quantify but it is something that has changed us for the better.  Nonetheless, we thank you for all your work at and dedication to Gilton Valeo and wish you a blissful time in the new adventure you are about to leap into.

We are as eager to have you back as we were hesitant to let you go.

(No we are not crying, there’s just a twig in our eye, or a branch…or something.)