“My interest in immigration law started in high school after I received an award for a creative writing piece that I submitted to the NSW Parliament in respect to meeting labour and skill shortages of the late 1980s and early 1990s.  At the time, Australia was experiencing the recession (it had to have) and we learnt about multi-skilling and tariff removal which gave rise to globalization (another word for competitive integration).  From that point onwards, I continually wondered why we (as a nation) did not just let people in to work on various temporary visas.

Clearly this was a naive view on immigration but it did spark a curiosity that continues to burn today.  That interest has turned into determination as a I guide and inspire my team to service our clients to the standards that we apply to our own lives.  That standard is about giving, caring, intelligence and awareness. It is about pushing ourselves beyond our own idea of excellence.”


Troy is a founder and a partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers, which is an incorporated legal practice that specialises in all aspects of Australian immigration and nationality law for corporate and private clients.

With over two decades of practice, Troy has been able to utilize his deep understanding of administrative law and practice across the vast permutations of immigration scenarios (involving tens of thousands of applications for high volume corporate clients).  Accordingly, he has learnt that each business, and each person, is unique and what works in one particular situation may not necessarily work in another.  He has advised mining giants, start-ups and some of the fastest growing tech companies in the world and has helped each grow through driving change and best practice.  Although the strategies differ, the goal is always the same – seamless and fluid systems for attracting and retaining the best talent.

Troy understands that workforce mobility is changing in real time and in a world of constant disruption, the traditional approaches to immigration may not suffice.  Recognising this, he uses his commercial acumen in guiding companies with managing their risk profile and creating systems and protocols that enlighten both the business and the employee with respect to their rights and obligations under immigration law.

Helping a client is not just about giving advice.  It is about solving deeper issues in how to manage their business commercially and legally when it comes to immigration.

Global businesses need fluidity in managing their talent to grow.  However, fluidity only arises when there is alignment in all aspects of the employment process, from recruitment, to visa processing, onboarding, and compliance.  Troy takes a holistic approach which enables clients to access knowledge that is based on a deep understanding of immigration (and global mobility) across many industries.

Troy has also delivered lectures for the Migration Institute of Australia and the Global Mobility Institute, where he has shaped the careers of many aspiring immigration lawyers.  He has been a finalist for Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year in 2022 and 2023 and was named Corporate Immigration Lawyer in 2022 by Lawyers Monthly.



Troy’s clients have included:

  • BHP Billiton
  • Oracle
  • Downer EDI
  • Michael Hill
  • Brand Engineering
  • Adroll
  • Morgan Lewis & Bockius
  • Pearl Law Group
  • Meyer Law Group
  • Eco Legal
  • ARC Communications


Lawyers Weekly Migration Partner of the Year 2023 Winner Fiona Wong

“I have always been intrigued by the law and how it continues to impact our world and its ever-changing society, and vice versa.  My interest in immigration law started early in my career when I worked in the Pro Bono team at the Law Society of NSW.  I instantly knew that this was the area of law I wanted to practice in.

As I gained experience working in different global immigration law firms, I discovered that there was need to appreciate more than just immigration itself.  Focussing on businesses, I received hands-on experience dealing with the importance of compliance and commercial business decisions.  This was further refined when I became an in-house legal counsel at a Big-4 consultancy firm.  As a corporate and commercial legal counsel, I grasped the importance on how every decision, whether internal or external, affects the business.  That experience turned me into a business savvy corporate migration lawyer which has assisted my team and a number of businesses today.”


Meet Fiona Wong, an esteemed partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers, a forward-thinking immigration law firm renowned for assisting some of the world’s largest brands in building and managing their mobility workforce.

With a strong focus on corporate immigration, Fiona brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her journey began as a corporate and commercial legal counsel at one of the prestigious Big-4 professional services firms.  Over the past decade, she has honed her expertise as a corporate immigration lawyer at leading global immigration firms.  Throughout her career, Fiona has demonstrated unparalleled proficiency in dealing with compliance and developing commercial business strategies for an array of clients, ranging from innovative startups to vast multinational entities.

Fiona’s exceptional grasp of immigration law extends to her role as a trusted advisor for both local and overseas businesses, skilfully guiding them in managing their mobile workforce through transformative changes and best practices.  Recognising the dynamic nature of workforce mobility and the constant disruptions in today’s world, Fiona understands that traditional approaches to immigration will no longer suffice.

Fiona’s outstanding contributions have not gone unnoticed, earning her accolades and recognition within the legal community.  She was a finalist for the Migration Partner of the Year Awards at the esteemed Lawyers Weekly Partner of the Year Awards in 2022.  Additionally, her remarkable achievements garnered her the status of a finalist for Executive of the Year at the Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards in 2021.  Most notably, Fiona was honoured with the esteemed title of Lawyers Weekly Migration Partner of the Year in 2023, solidifying her position as a true industry leader.

With Fiona Wong at the helm, Gilton Valeo Lawyers continues to lead the charge in revolutionising corporate immigration practices, offering innovative solutions that empower businesses to navigate the complexities of global workforce mobility with confidence and success.  Her relentless commitment to excellence and passion for delivering the best outcomes for her clients has solidified Fiona’s reputation as an exceptional immigration law expert and a valuable asset to the legal profession.

In addition to her role as a distinguished partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers, Fiona Wong is an esteemed contributor to numerous prestigious global publications.  Her insightful expertise and in-depth knowledge of immigration law have earned her recognition on platforms like Mondaq, LiveMint, Lexology, and WorldWide ERC. Fiona’s contributions to these renowned publications further highlight her commitment to sharing valuable insights and staying at the forefront of developments in the legal and immigration domains.  As a sought-after thought leader, Fiona’s work continues to inspire and inform readers across the globe, making her a significant influencer in the field of corporate immigration.



Fiona’s clients have included:

  • Oracle
  • Huawei
  • Prada
  • Joh Bailey
  • Google
  • McKinsey & Co
  • Deloitte
  • Country Garden
  • Reckitt Benckiser

Gilton Business Consultants was founded in 1982 by Mr John Milton Gillespie.  The name Gilton is a portmanteau of John’s surname Gillespie and his middle name Milton.

John was the inaugural National President of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and was a lifetime member of the MIA and Australian Institute of Administrative Law.

Throughout John’s 30 year career in the immigration advice industry, he has held the following positions:

  • Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia
  • NSW State President of Australian Migration Consultants Association, 1989-1991
  • National President of Australian Migration Consultants Association, 1991
  • National President of Migration Institute of Australia, 1992
  • Member of Australian Institute of Administrative Law
  • Member of the Australian Institute of Management
  • John was a Justice of the Peace, Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia and a member of the Australian Institute of Administrative Law, the Chartered Management Institute (UK), Australian Institute of Management and St James Ethics Centre.

Sadly, John passed away on 14 November 2011.  He is fondly remembered by colleagues, family and friends.  In memory of his contributions to the industry and his friendship, we proudly continue trading under the name Gilton Valeo Lawyers.