Down the rabbit hole, through a time warp and recalling the ghosts of immigration visas past it was around this time two years ago when (the then Prime Minister) Malcolm Turnball announced that the subclass 457 visa would be replaced with two new visas.

We have to admit that we continue to reminisce about the 457 visa often.  Maybe it was simpler back then or maybe we are still continuing to deal with the aftermath of its demise or maybe, just maybe por que no los dos?

Given that it is almost Easter, which means it is almost chocolate indulgence season, we asked the GV Team – if they could describe the subclass 457 as a chocolate what would they say?

Our lovely Christine described the subclass 457 as a Caramello Koala.  The visa was at times a sticky process.  However, this was always counteracted by the fact that there was only one occupations list which housed a generous assortment of occupations.  This alongside faster processing times, made the process smooth in comparison to its replacement, the subclass 482.  And when one would be granted a subclass 457 approval, it would be like getting the golden ticket as the subclass made it easier for visa holders to transition from temporary to permanent residence.

On that note our wonderful Rosa has described the subclass 482 as a rocky road and we couldn’t agree more.  Since it came into force, navigating the subclass 482 has been a tumultuous ride and there are still nuances that need further exploration and figuring out.

At least whatever lingering emptiness we are feeling from its absence can be temporarily filled this Easter long weekend with real chocolate and from the GV team we hope your long weekend is just as sweet.

Our offices will be closed during Easter break from Friday 19 April 2019 and will reopen on Tuesday 23 April 2019.