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Source X GV: Employee Engagement Surveys

As part of our ongoing engagement with Source Legal we are pleased to introduce the [...]

Our New Partnership: Gilton Valeo x Source

Evolution and New Directions At Gilton Valeo, we believe our work changes lives.  Our work [...]

The Paralegal Diaries: 4am and Four Other Joys

My favourite Ted Talk is called The Museum of 4am by Rives.  It begins as [...]

The Paralegal Diaries: Self Doubt

Self-doubt Thursday 17th December 2019 1.55pm. I’m sitting on the black leather sofa in the [...]

The Paralegal Diaries: What 5 Days of Face-to-Face PLT Sessions Really Taught Me

The Paralegal has officially, unofficially graduated from her 3-year Juris Doctor program. Released from the [...]

The Paralegal Diaries: Blurred Lines – Mindfulness and Mindful Practice?

The other day I was in Dymocks with no set intention and stumbled upon Mindfulness [...]

The Paralegal Diaries: It’s Finals Week

The other day a friend asked me why I was stressing about my exam when [...]

Auditing Australia’s Citizenship by Conferral Process

Have you ever wondered whether your application for citizenship was being processed in a time-efficient [...]

Introducing Rosa Maghsoodi Nobarani

Hello, my name is Rosa! I joined Gilton Valeo as a consultant solicitor in March [...]