As part of our ongoing engagement with Source Legal we are pleased to introduce the employee engagement survey service for businesses and business owners.

The benefits of employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys are designed to provide rich insights into the satisfaction and needs of your workforce that you can use to improve your employee business and grow your business.

Greater employee engagement leads to improved productivity and staff retention, and better customer experience.  Conversely, poor employee engagement can lead to higher absenteeism, conflict, performance issues or customer complaints.

Measuring your employees’ sentiments via a survey is an important part of understanding and improving engagement across your teams.  It allows you to respond meaningfully to feedback, make strategic decisions, implement changes, and mitigate risk.

Source offers an employee engagement survey program that is tailored to your business needs.

What is included:

The employee engagement survey program includes:

  • Consultation to ensure alignment with your business culture and goals;
  • End-to-end project management;
  • Customized employee communications for, before, during and after the survey;
  • Creating and running the survey anonymously;
  • Results analysis, segmented as needed depending on the size of your business;
  • Reporting and recommendations.

To find out more about the employee engagement survey service you can contact us on 612 8234 8400 or email