Evolution and New Directions

At Gilton Valeo, we believe our work changes lives.  Our work includes assisting businesses employ the right talent and supporting entrepreneurs to create business.

With over 20 years’ experience in immigration and compliance, we have assisted hundreds of businesses with employing and maintaining the right talent whilst meeting the highly regulated audit and compliance requirements.

Through this process we have actively observed the crucial role of employee relations and human resources management underpinning a business’ strength and success.  It is these observations which have fostered our own evolution as a firm and guided where we want to go next – we want to offer businesses and entrepreneurs a comprehensive and complete package when it comes to employing and managing their talent.

As a natural progression of this evolution, we have partnered with Source, an award-winning professional services firm that provides on-tap legal, HR and CFO support to small and medium businesses.

Together, and through this new and exciting partnership model, we will be providing a complete Employee Relations service which combines employment law, HR specialist and immigration support to help businesses manage the full spectrum of workplace matters.

You will be guided by a handpicked employee relations team which will include a senior HR consultant, specialist employment and immigration lawyers.  Your employee relations team will get to know your business intimately and build a deep, supportive relationship with your management team, to provide strategic in-house style support that is tailored to your business needs.  For an agreed monthly fee, clients get their own in-house HR and legal team to help manage their workplace.

Call Fiona Wong at (02) 8234 8400 or contact us if your business requires any HR, employment or immigration assistance.