Once upon a time, a beautiful boy by the name of Mathias was adopted by a loving couple, Enrico and Salve.  Mathias was a precocious child and carried himself with a kindness and exuberance that made those who cared for him fall in love.  From an early age, Mathias had an affinity for music and song.  He loved to whistle and hum!  Often he made up songs with simple movements of his delicate mouth accompanied by clapping and the occasional burp (which too seemed to be in harmony with the melody he was creating).

It was truly magical as he was still just a little bub when this began to unfold.  It was quite surprising as Enrico and Salve did not have any music in the house as they lived in a fairly remote area without access to radio or readily available instruments.

Despite the lack of instruments, Mathias found ways to create music including percussion which did concern his parents at times. This talent continued to grow as Mathias became older.  He found ways to craft instruments from branches, rocks and things he found in and around his home.

With all that they had, Enrico and Salve sent Mathias to someone they knew in a neighbouring village to learn music.  The rest they say is history, as Mathias returned to his parents after a few years and he was no longer just an aspiring musician.  Mathias returned as a maestro of sound.  His voice was exquisitely profound, angelic and his ability to tune into sound was second to none.

Mathias handed a letter to his parents from his teacher and as they read it, tears began to pour down their cheeks.  The letter described an intense joy and beauty of being blessed to share the gift of sound with one among us who’s very DNA was crafted in the ancient melody of existence.  The letter went on further to say that there was nothing further for the boy to learn that he could not learn from his own exploration of sound and the greatest gift they could allow the child would be the freedom to simply explore.

With that Mathias returned home and much like his childhood he returned to creating music with whatever he found laying around.

Fast forward a number of years, Mathias finds himself creating music using hand crafted instruments and a second hand guitar he was gifted by a friend.  He has a Youtube channel with over one million followers and routinely racks up hundreds of thousands of views for every post.  Music has become his career as Mathias is a budding producer and has been asked to produce music for many folk artists and indie rock musicians who adore his ability to fuse ancient rhythms and beats into their moody acoustics.

Like many young musicians, Mathias is a social media savant and his Instagram and twitter are equally popular with many tuning into his quirky posts and love for sound.  On a recent trip to Australia, Mathias falls passionately and deeply in love with the ethereal bass of the yadaki and the ancient teachings of the Aboriginal dreamtime.

He feels a deep call to live in Australia and explore this new romance.  Mathias lands in your office with eyes filled with hope and wonderment at the possibility of life in the land of the dreamtime people.

Mathias has no qualifications but has a string of music releases that have reached millions of views worldwide.  He has a unique approach to music that fuses the ancient melody of tribal beats and haunting vocals of prayers sang long ago.

Mathias presents an interesting challenge that a rigid, document based system is designed to purposely disregard.  However, these outliers may have a solution in the Distinguished Talent visa.

Distinguished Talent visa

In order to be approved for a distinguished talent visa, Mathias must be nominated by an Australian in the same field and he must:

  1. Have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in a profession, the arts, academia and research or sport;
  2. Are still prominent in the relevant area; and
  3. Would be an asset to the Australian community; and
  4. Would have no difficulty obtaining employment, or in becoming established independently, in Australia in the relevant area.


Internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement

To demonstrate an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in the arts, Mathias must satisfy certain requirements.

Mathias must, inter alia, demonstrate that his achievements in music have or would be acclaimed as exceptional and outstanding at an international level. This includes recognition and acceptance of remarkable achievement in the Australian community. Excellent achievement that attracts national acclaim, where the benefits are only realised locally, would not meet this requirement.

Current Prominence

To be successfully recognised as a distinguished talent, Mathias must be prominent in the music industry. To be regarded as prominent, he must demonstrate that he has actively sustained exceptional and outstanding achievements in the music industry within the last two years.

Asset to Australia

It must be clearly apparent that Mathias would be an asset that would contribute to the betterment of the Australia community. The benefit that Mathias would bring to the Australian community could be an economic, social, or cultural benefit. Mathias could also be viewed as an asset if he would be raising Australia’s artistic standards internationally.

If Mathias were to simply introduce or transfer skills to Australia, this alone would not be sufficient. Mathias would also not satisfy this criteria if he was involved in an area in the arts that is outside the accepted Australian community social or cultural norms, likely to be offensive, or give rise to controversy.


Mathias must demonstrate that he would not have any difficulty in obtaining employment and that he could support himself in Australia within the music industry.

Mathias could meet this requirement by providing offers of employment related to music at the national level or evidence of self-employment to establish a viable business within the arts. Mathias could also demonstrate his employability through evidence of sponsorships, grants, or other payments intended to support him while he is engaged in the music industry.

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