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Presents Our Employee Relations Service

Our partnered Employee Relations Service combines employment law, human resources and immigration support to help businesses manage the full spectrum of workplace matters.

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We believe our work changes lives

Learn how we assist businesses, support entrepreneurs and help talented individuals.

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Gilton Valeo white x Source logo

Presents Our Employee Relations Service

Our partnered Employee Relations Service combines employment law, human resources and immigration support to help businesses manage the full spectrum of workplace matters.

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In 2019/20


permanent visas were granted.



In 2018/19 the Department of Home Affairs processed


visa cancellations.

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Gilton Valeo's Firmchecker Score

Recognised as one of the “Best Law Firms in Sydney based on Client Experience – 2022” by Firmchecker

Recognised as one of the “Best Law Firms in Sydney – 2021” by Firmchecker

Sandy Chen has been a great help towards securing my sponsorship visa. She provided timely updates and prompt responses to any queries 🙂. I would highly recommend her service for any visa related applications.
Sandy Chen is very helpful and professional!
I spoke to Kerin Jitla today and she was very helpful, knowledgable and kind. I can definitely recommend talking to her about Visa options!
The team at Gilton played a pivotal role in both our applications for business nomination and employee nomination sponsorship.Great turnaround time, easy to deal with and very personable throughout the process. Highly recommend
Gilton Valeo played a pivotal role in facilitating my sister's skilled sponsorship visa application for the Permanent visa subclass 186. With my sister, a British citizen aspiring to relocate to Australia and pursue a career as a Registered Nurse, their expertise was invaluable. Assigned to oversee our application, Xueying exhibited remarkable responsiveness in her email correspondence and demonstrated a high level of accommodation during our query phone calls, ensuring that all our concerns and clarifications were addressed promptly and comprehensively. Her thoroughness in responses instilled confidence in us throughout the process. Notably, my sister's application received approval within an impressively short span of two months from submission, a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of Gilton Valeo's services. We are immensely grateful for Xueying's professionalism and dedication, which contributed significantly to the success of our application.
Response from the owner: Amazing feedback! Thank you Kristine!
They helped me with getting my 186 PR visa. The agents are very helpful and I could ask them the silliest of the questions without hesitation. They were also very quick in lodging the application and letting me know about any communication from the immi department.
I would love to say thank you to Fiona and Sonia you guys so amazing and professional.Thank you guys !! For everything to helping me and my husband. You guys working so hard for us. We're appreciated ❤️😘
Gilton Valeo Lawyers and in particular Dr. Ahad Minto have been amazing in all aspects of the service.We spoke over the phone multiple times where Mr Ahad would explain to me all the requirements, stages and expected time frames of my application in the most professional and honest way.He would not submit anything if it wasn't properly reviewed and prepared by him in the most professional form.As a result, everything went smooth and I got the desired outcome, with very short waiting time, probably because of the impeccable way the application had been prepared by Ahad.I highly recommend Ahad Minto and Gilton Valeo Lawyers to whoever is seeking a professional guide who they can trust, being sure that they are in good hands.
Response from the owner: Thank you Massimiliano! Great feedback!
Highly professional people. Sandy was amazing and guided throughout the process for 186. Would recommend them 100%
Response from the owner: Thanks Abdul! Congrats again on your PR! Best wishes for your new life in Aus!
Excellent response and was engaged throughout the process, would engage services again without hesitation
Response from the owner: Thanks Scott! Congrats!
Thanks to the team to getting my 482 Visa previously and 186 recently. They are very professional and best immigration lawyer.I would greatly recommend them for immigration services. I am sure they won't disappoint you.Again, thanks to whole team for all your efforts and continuous support throughout both the process.
Response from the owner: Thanks Abhi! Glad to have been on this journey with you throughout the years!
Alex Foo helped me throughout my visa application offering easily digestible advice and has my application approved rapidly! He went above and beyond and enjoyed all interactions with him. I would highly recommend to anyone!
Response from the owner: Awesome feedback Wayne! All the best!
Sandy Chen provided outstanding visa service! Her expertise and professionalism made the process incredibly smooth. She's highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and responsive. Sandy's personalized approach and dedication to getting everything right were truly impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. Thank you, Sandy, for your excellent assistance!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your feedback Paras! Congrats on your assignment.
Sandy and the entire Gilton Valeo team are amazing and they helped me gain my PR status. Communication and directions were amazing and they were there to help me every step of the way. I would highly recommend them.
Response from the owner: Congrats Lance! Thanks so much for your feedback.
I wish to express my gratitude to Gilton Valeo Lawyers for their invaluable assistance in securing my sponsor visa. Their expertise and dedication led to a smooth and stress-free process. Remarkably, I received my visa within a couple of weeks. While I understand that processing times can vary with the immigration office, they meticulously handled all the details to expedite its approval.I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of professional and dependable immigration assistance. Thank you for your excellent service.
Response from the owner: Wonderful Antonia! Glad it all went smoothly. All the best with your new life in Aus!
Humairaa is a pleasure to deal with, very responsive and attentive. She makes a difficult process seem easy.
Response from the owner: Thanks Lauren! All the best with your role 🙂
The Best Immigration Law firm in town. Professional, knowledgeable, supportive. Troy, Fiona and the team are experts in their field.
Response from the owner: Congrats again Ginge! You the man!
We have been very lucky to have Sandy Chen at Gilton Valeo to help us with our 186 DE application. The process was very smoothly without any CO contact. Sandy is very responsive and professional. We cant thank her and the team enough for their expertise and professionalism and strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a highly knowledgeable and professional immigration lawyer
Response from the owner: Amazing Toan! Congratulations again!
Highly recommended agency in case you need help with anything immigration-related work.The team is highly qualified which appears in the way they manage your case and guide you with ease & transparency at every stage.My special thanks to Sandy Chen who was simply great throughout my tenure. Always listened to my requirements patiently and suggested the best & effective ways step by step.Good luck 👍
Response from the owner: Thanks for your feedback Rahul!
Superstars!They helped when my family and I applied for PR.Very professional, supportive and communicative.
Response from the owner: Congratulations again Kennedy! And thank you for your feedback.
Fast and efficient service. Made the whole process very simple for me to navigate.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback Annabel!
I recently had the pleasure of working with Alex Foo who helped me secure permanent residency in Australia via 186 DE. I cannot thank them enough for their expertise, professionalism, and dedication throughout the entire process.From our initial consultation, Alex took the time to listen to my concerns and understand my unique situation. They provided clear and concise guidance on the application process, outlining the necessary steps and documents required for success.Throughout the application process, Alex was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, providing timely and accurate advice. They were proactive in ensuring that all necessary documents were submitted on time and that my application was as strong as possible.Thanks to Alex’s legal expertise and attention to detail, my application was successful, and I am now a proud permanent resident of Australia. I cannot recommend Gilton Valeo Lawyers highly enough to anyone looking for a skilled and knowledgeable immigration lawyer.Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail were invaluable throughout the entire process, and I am forever grateful for their help. Thank you, Alex, for your outstanding work and dedication to your clients.
Response from the owner: This is amazing feedback Ankur! Really appreciate you taking the time and congratulations again from everyone at Gilton Valeo Lawyers.
Thank you Humairaa and team for your excellent assistance throughout. Your professionalism and expertise made the process seamless and stress-free. Much appreciated!
Response from the owner: Amazing - thanks Ritesh!
It is such a pleasure working with Gilton Valeo specifically Alex. He is very up to date with the progress of our visa applications. He diligently answers our questions on time. I highly recommend this team!
Response from the owner: Congrats again Allan!
Alex Foo and Troy Andres at Gilton Valeo helped me to successfully granted my 186 visa in this week. Their professionalism and reliability are unquestionable. I strongly recommended this team to you if you need any help. They are the best.
Response from the owner: So so happy for you Wendi! What a journey! Through the pandemic and beyond.. congratulations again my friend!
They are very professional and accurate, giving sound advice with efficient services throughout. We enjoyed working with Gilton Valeo.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for your feedback Kathy! All the best.
The team at GV has been absolutely amazing. Ever since I first moved to Australia they've assisted me with visa-related matters and I couldn't have asked for better support. Thanks a ton, team!
Response from the owner: Thanks Willem! Congrats again and don't ever hesitate to reach out if you need anything.
My partner and I had such an incredible experience with these guys. Highly recommend. We appreciate your help!Big thanks from Lu and Dec.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Lu and Dec. It was a pleasure working with you both.
Alex Foo was amazing throughout the process.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback Meet! Congrats again!
Alex Foo and Troy Andres at Gilton Valeo helped me with my 482 sponsorship application, which was granted without any further followup in just 3 short weeks, speaking to their professionalism and expertise. Though my situation was not straightforward, they were reassuring and clear in their approach to preparing a strong application for me. Alex was my main contact and was extremely quick to respond to any queries and concerns. He made me feel well-informed and in good hands throughout this process. Thank you Alex and Troy!
Response from the owner: Thanks Daisy! Our mutual trust in the approach led to a seamless process. All the best with your assignment.
Many dealings with the team at Gilton Valeo and very impressed, particularly Preashni Pillay and Fiona Wong. Would highly recommend their service to anyone.
Response from the owner: Thanks Simon! Glad to have you back in Aus and on your way bigger and brighter things!
Troy and his team assisted me with my initial relocation from Europe to Australia (subclass 457 Visa) in 2017. Since then Gilton Valeo has been helping me to successfully renew my visa as well as transfer my visa to different companies as well as roles. I kept bringing Gilton Valeo with me as I moved jobs twice. Despite working for large corporations that all had existing relationships with other immigration lawyers, both companies were happy to use Gilton Valeo based on their experience amd service quality. As far as I know both companies continued to use Gilton Valeo beyond my engagement due to their superior service compared to what the incumbents had provided.Fast forward, I just obtained Permanent Residency under the Global Talent stream. Gilton Valeo was incredibly helpful in mapping out options and building a roadmap to help me work towards this status. I am a Management Consultant in the Software / Cloud / AI space.I can’t recommend to work with Gilton Valeo enough as they are very professional, have a very good understanding of the system & pathways, and have industry relationships required to get things done.
Response from the owner: Congrats again Camillo! Thank you for your continued trust in us as we navigated through from temporary to permanent visa status. All the best!
I liked the help and support provided by them in my recent visa application. I would highly recommend them as your immigration lawyer because they are very responsive and they are always dedicated to provide you the right service.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your feedback Prabhat! Congrats again!
Gilton Valeo assisted me in lodging a successful Visa application for my business needs in Australia during the pandemic under the most challenging of circumstances. The team was incredibly responsive and was able to navigate the difficult process with clear direction. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the feedback Darren!
Very responsive and professional lawyers. I was assisted by Gilton Valeo two different times and both times the Senior Lawyers who helped me are sweet, smart and helpful. Great team and great service.
Response from the owner: Congrats again Prasad!
Very professional and responsive team! They provided a fantastic support throughout the entire application process. My permanent residency was granted extremely quickly and without any issues. Great service!
Response from the owner: Congratulations again Florent! We are so very happy for you!
Hilton Valero has done a great job with my case and thanks to their outstanding work which resulted in positive outcome.
Gilton Valeo Kudos to the whole team - the best attorneys and representatives at work.We are associated with Gilton for almost 4 years now, their complete team is super professional.We worked with many immigration lawyers, recent interaction was with Christine(Immigration Lawyer) ,she is extremely good professional and patient with their customers and most important aspect they are extremely knowledgeable in the work they do. "Best practice of best team,if there are any delays on document submission by us after the engagement starts,Gilton's team does frequent follow-up for us to submit any pending documents this is a best pratice & this is where Gilton is different from other Vendors.Let the great work continue !!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your feedback Sandeep! Congrats and all the best!
There are no words to explain and it wont fit in this comment box how excellent is Christine and the team of Gilton Valeo are. Me, myself being struggling with my visa application they did their best to get and finally i got it. I would highly recommend personally to everone to consult with one of the finest lawyers in sydney - Gilton Valeo. Christine you are the best. Thank you very much for prompt response and patience even though I was annoying.Thank you very much and God bless everyone.Respect and appreciate for everything.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your feedback John! Christine is amazing 🙂
Christine and her team were very professional and thorough with the whole visa application process. She was happy to answer any of my questions & queries, and did so without delay. I would highly recommend the Gilton Valeo team and I will be using their services again in the future.
I would like to thank you for helping me out on my visa. It was a fast and smooth transaction. Keep up the good work. I'll deinitely recomment you guys.
I highly recommend Christine Le. She was very responsive and did a wonderful job with helping me obtain PR. She answered all of my questions and kept me well informed through the process. I am very grateful to her and the team at Gilton Valeo for their hard work.

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