In-house style immigration, HR and employment law expertise for businesses.

As immigration involves compliance and ongoing management of a client’s relationship with the Department of Home Affairs, we do offer an integrated counsel service that includes the following:

  • Statutory obligation notifications (eg. cessation of employment notifications of sponsored visa holders and all corporate change in circumstance notifications to DHA);
  • Onboarding factsheets and ongoing advice on typical work rights including face-to-face training with recruiters, HR managers, line managers or executives;
  • Eligibility assessments for 600, 400, 482, 186 and 187 visas;
  • Visa expiry reminders;
  • PR eligibility reminders;
  • Visa expiry record keeping;
  • Visa holder’s address and passport change notifications;
  • SAF refund requests;
  • Audit readiness test i.e. audit of existing visa holder population to verify compliance;
  • 1 : 1 onsite consultations with employees;
  • Template immigration documents i.e.
    • Customisable industry best practice immigration policy
    • Guide to 482 management & sponsorship obligations
    • Guide to managing temporary visa holders
    • Guide to internal immigration audit
  • Review of existing policies and processes to ensure they meet
  • industry best practice
  • Quarterly VEVO checks for all staff.