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Updates to Partner and Family Visas, and NSW Government’s 491 Visa Requirements

Partner visa (Sc 309 and Sc 100) dependents – Members of Family Unit over 23 [...]

Australia Immigration Update: Migration – End of Two-Year Extension of Post-Study Work Rights

Passenger Movement Charge Amendment Bill 2024 – Exit Tax to Increase The Passenger Movement Charge [...]

Australia Immigration Update: Migration – Addressing Exploitation of Migrant Workers

Amendment (Strengthening Employer Compliance) Bill 2023 Migration Act 1958 was amended to improve employer compliance [...]

Australia Immigration Update: Expansion of “Specified Work” for SC 417 and SC 462

Specified Work Amendment for SC 417 and SC 462 visas Following on from the Department’s [...]

Australia Immigration Update: Focusing on Regional NSW

Covid 408 visa closure As previously announced by the Australian government, the Subclass 408 (Covid-19 [...]

Navigating the Immigration Legislative Landscape – Australia

Consolidation of Health Criteria: Minor changes to country names in the specified countries list 2.25A(1)(b) [...]

Right To Work Checks – It should be easier and it is

Compliance might not be a popular topic of discussion at parties but at Gilton Valeo [...]

Labor Government Migration Strategy

Executive summary After conducting the first review of Australia’s migration system in years, the Australian [...]