Processing times for subclass 457 visa

An auto–response to a recent request has confirmed our recent experience in respect to processing times:


The current maximum time taken to allocate a 457 application to a case officer is approx. 40 working days.

Please note that allocation time and processing time can be different. When a case is allocated, it is assessed on that day. If the application is “assessment ready” and no other processing is required, the application will normally be finalised on the day of allocation. Alternatively, if the application is NOT “assessment ready” and the application needs more information in order to be finalised, processing time could take longer.

Occupations moved from SOL to CSOL

From the 1 July 2016, the following occupations will be moved from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) to the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL):

  • 233611 Mining Engineers (excluding Petroleum)
  • 233612 Petroleum Engineers
  • 234912 Metallurgists
  • 251311 Environmental Health Officers
  • 251312 Occupational Health & Safety Advisers
  • 411211 Dental Hygienists
  • 411212 Dental Prosthetists
  • 411213 Dental Technicians
  • 411213 Dental Therapists

The following occupations will be added to the SOL:

  • 251912 Orthotist or Prosthetist
  • 252711 Audiologists

Changes to the occupation lists will affect invitations and applications made on or after 1 July 2016. This enables applications made during this period to still use occupations on the lists that were current at the time of application.

Subclass 186 and 187 – Approval of nominated positions (employer nomination)

The policy wording to the following sections have been changed to provide more detail on determining whether the applicant has worked in the nominated position for two years, and to clarify documentation that can be provided as evidence of financial liability.

  • Employment in the same role
  • Financial viability of the nominator

Sponsored Family Migration – Update on Schedule 3 and compelling circumstances for unlawful non-citizens

In a decision which we strongly agree with the Federal Court in Waensila v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016] FCAFC 32 (11 March 2016) handed down on 11 March 2016 has overturned the Department’s interpretation and enforcement of the Schedule 3 policy and the provision of waivers for partner applications.

Circumstances constituting compelling reasons can arise at any time, up until the time of decision and delegates must have regard to submissions by the applicant as to any compelling reasons occurring after the date of application.

The new simplified student visa framework

A new framework for the Student Visas will commence on 1 July 2016, the new simplified student visa framework has 2 new visas:

  1. Subclass 500 (Student); and
  2. Subclass 590 (Student Guardian).

From 1 July 2016, there will be only one student visa available to study in Australia – Subclass 500. Applicants looking to study in Australia will need to apply for the Subclass 500 regardless of their field of study.

Those already holding a student visa with subclass numbers 570 to 576, the visa will remain valid and visa conditions will not change after 1 July 2016.

General Skilled Migration – SkillSelect update

The most recent invitation round was published on 27 April 2016.

Ceilings reached

The following occupation groups have reached their ceiling and no more invitations will be issued until 1 July 2016:

  • 2339 Other Engineering Professional
  • 2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasures

The ceiling for common engineering occupations (eg. Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers) have not been reached and will remain open for invitations.

Points Scores

The minimum score required for applications to receive a Subclass 189 invitation remains at 60 points for non-pro-rata occupations, and the waiting time is around 2 weeks. For pro-rata occupations, the minimum score needed for a Subclass 189 invitation is currently:



Points Required





ICT Business and System Analysts



Software and Applications Programmers